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Methods Of Cannabis Consumption

There are several ways of consuming cannabis, it always depends on the type of user you are and what kind of cannabis you are consuming buy weed online Different ways have got different effects on the user. For example, some of this ways raises bioavailability and others are less effective. Take a look at the common cannabis consumption methods.

  1. Smoking Cannabis.

This emerges as the most common way for many users. Whether you are kind of a person who enjoy a blunt or joint from a pipe, your cannabis and inhaling it. To many, this method is a pretty effective mean of deliveryto the lungs, for it is easier to absorb the cannabinoids hence gets you high within no time. However, smoking pure green does not guarantee you that that cannabis is free from toxic products. For many users, the cannabis smoke has a side effect on our lungs.

  1. Dabbing Cannabis.

This is a rising method especially to the youths, living in Latin America. Here, the cannabis is highly concentrated in form of a vapour by super heating the content. The vapour is typically over 50% concentrated. The extract is consumed by the use of a hot nail, which is meant for this work. Meanwhile, this is a cleaner and healthier mean of smoking weed dispensary, if the concentrates is free from any chemical residues.

The disadvantage of this is that there is so much heat that is produced which may be difficult to handle. It is also inconvenient to carry a rig and the blowtorch.

  1. Vapourization.

A vaporize is more involving than the use of a rig and the blowtorch. They are available in desktop, pocket-sized models. Most of them can be loaded with every form of cannabis .What the vaporizers normally does, they heat the cannabis just enough to vapour. This make it more effective than dabbing, it will get you high within no time.

  1. Eating Cannabis.

Different methods have got distinguished levels of effect. Sometimes they can get you high within 5-10minutes and others can take less than a minute. Eating cannabis is one of the methods that sometimes tend to be ineffective especially for the habitual users. Typically, it may take more than an hour before the highs kick off. Therefore, most of the users today don’t prefer this method.In this case you chew the cannabis, or put it in food or even a drink. The first filtration takes place in the stomach, during the digestion, the extract is taken into the blood streams. However, it has numerous consequences to the user’s digestion organs. This is another method of consuming cannabis.

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