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The Impact Of Marijuana Legalization In Canada For Travellers

Much as the legalization of Marijuana in Canada seems all easy and simple, the fact remains there are some complexities attached to the same especially for those who are thinking of travelling in or out of Canada.  The laws the regulate the consumption of Shiva Buzz online marijuana change from state to state. In Canada, the legalization of this drug means the users can freely buy and even grow the weed around their homes.

This seems all good and fair to the local residents. However, the same will not apply to the tourists or simply the investors as there is a different way of looking at marijuana in terms of the governing laws and regulations  Much as the law is federal, users need to know that each province has its own amendments or even exceptions. Like in the case of Calgary province, users are not to use the drug in public. While in Alberta, there is nothing closer to this.

The landlords and tenants have binding agreements that usually forbid the use of cannabis. This is acceptable. If you are planning to visit Canada as a marijuana tourist, it is important to check on some of the rules tat have been put in place on the location you intend to visit so that you are not limited in you stay there.  

It is also good to know that marijuana is still prohibited in United States. Much as it could be accepted in Canada, you could face criminal charges if you literally fly with it there!  In this case, the legalization part applies to the residents within Canada.  There are some states however like Montreal, where you could be limited to have only 30g of marijuana. Whichever way, it is only wise to get details on where you intend to go and if there are any such restrictions,

It is also important to know the age limit in relation to the use and possession of marijuana. Most of the provinces usually accept 19 as the minor age. While in Canada an adult starts from 18 years of age. However 21 is the usually age according to US. State laws. It is therefore necessary to be conversant with the age limit before purchasing the drug or even using it.

Whether you are a traveller or tourist, it is important to know the first things first. Marijuana legalization in Canada comes with a whole range of dos and don’ts and the best you can do is to stay safe and stick to the laws and regulations that have been accepted.  For those who have an idea, it’s also possible to purchase marijuana online or from the certified stores within Canada. 

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